The mission of our Winery

Passion, mixed with a respect for the land and the determination to innovate are the foundations on which we built our winery. Each harvest is an important test of our wines and vineyards. Year after year, we set our sights on improving the standard of our grapes, respecting our traditions and the history of the land we farm, yet applying new concepts to vine-growing by thinning and having an obsessive attention to the health of the plants.

The resulting landscape is not all our own work… the wine itself continues to perfect the details so much so that, day after day, we never get bored of admiring our land and becoming enamoured with our grapes. For us it’s a privilege to work in this stunning corner of the world, and this means that it’s our duty to convey the very essence of this land and the quality of our work into the 900,000 bottles that we produce each year. 50% of these are exported to markets across the globe, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

This is not just a responsibility but also a challenge that pushes us to grow and to undertake new projects.

Bottling and our Vats

Our cellar is fitted with only modern equipment so that we are able to preserve and enhance the essence of our freshly harvested grapes. We use only 50 and 100hl steel vats and cement tanks, all temperature-controlled, to guarantee thermal insulation.

Discover our Barrel Store

Our barrel store is located in an old monastery and has always been used for fermenting wine. Thanks to constant temperatures and humidity, this room has a natural climate that is perfect for the maturation and aging of wine. This is why we chose the monastery as the ideal place to age our wines in classical French 225litre barriques and 450litre tonneau.

Discover our Tasting Room

To be completely immersed in the history of our winery, we created a tasting room inside the old monastery. In this special place our staff will guide you on a sensorial journey of discovery of our indigenous grapes and more “international” wines.