Wine and Charity Solidarity

Wine is for me, first of all, a source of passion able to share emotions and the most beautiful emotion that you can feel after having satisfied your taste is to do good, thanks to my wine”.

Therefore, I decided, in recent years, to launch solidarity projects to collect funds for supporting local associations. We started off more than ten years ago, and we are continuing through concrete projects of solidarity, which each year allow us to achieve important results together with the involved associations.

"Bevi Solidale" Caritas

An important partnership was born between the Caritas Onlus foundation located in Senigallia and Cantina Santa Barbara thanks to the “Drink in Solidarity” campaign.

Our company has been actually supporting the flooded territories of the Marche Region since November 2022 allocating to Caritas part of the sales proceeds of our best labels. A big message of solidarity, which had a great response from our customers all over the world. The partnership continued with the T-shirt Project, created for the celebrations of the thirty year of our most historical wine Le Vaglie, whose first vintage was 1992. The proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts, which has been created in collaboration with Memorys by Mr. Alessandro Marchesi, has been delivered to the Caritas President Mr. Giovanni Bomprezzi, with the aim of still being close to the territory through their actions.

There are many further Charity Initiatives at Santa Barbara, as a symbol of strong and tangible local support.

"Accendi la Speranza" IOM JESI VALLESINA ONLUS

Light the Hope” has become the motto of Azienda Santa Barbara. The tie between the wine company Santa Barbara and IOM JESI VALLESINA ONLUS achieved through the years a big solidity.  Santa Barbara created many initiatives related to IOM to obtain excellent results which allowed the association to increase their activities of support and give aid to their patients. Thanks to sales proceeds, it was possible to purchase a portable electrocardiograph, and two cars for the operators of the Onlus association.

The Iom Jesi Vallesina Onlus Association, currently directed by Maria Luisa Quaglieri, was founded in 1996 and since the beginning, had the main purpose of assisting cancer patients for free at home. Year after year new projects have been started and new challenges have been faced to satisfy the requests and needs of the patients and their families in the most efficient and best manner possible. Today the structure is able to serve 24/7, thanks to the collaboration of the family doctors, the head physicians and hospital doctors, professional nurses and Fundamental Social Health Operator. Another very important role is also the psychologist, who assists the patients and their families. Furthermore, beyond the medical assistance there is the precious sympathetic support offered by volunteers.

Santa Barbara family continues his commitment to take care of cancer sufferers: we donated a Citroën C3 Aircross to IOM Jesi e Vallesina with the proceeds of the 2019 Celebration. 

They were moments of great emotion during the inaugural ceremony of the Car of joy. Medical staff and volunteers of Iom Jesi Vallesina Onlus will use it to assist patients and their families.

This donation has been possible thanks to your long time participation in our “Accendi la Speranza” Celebration, whose profit is entirely donated to IOM.

Wine and Art Catia Uliassi and the Dr. Dante Paladini Foundation

Another important project that Azienda Santa Barbara cares about, is that one which has been continued with Catia Uliassi for the Dr. Dante Paladini Foundation Onlus of Ancona, a no-profit organization engaged in supporting and aiding neuromuscular patients and, moreover, in the clinical research of the illnesses being suffered by these people. The idea started thanks to the friendship between Stefano Antonucci and Catia Uliassi, painter and restaurant owner in the Marche region, who every year creates the “labels – artworks” of the famous wine Verdicchio “Tardivo ma non Tardo” of Santa Barbara. The profit obtained from the sales of each bottle is then partially donated to the Foundation.

The Dr. Dante Paladini Onlus Foundation of Ancona was created in 2008 while the operative activities were inaugurated simultaneously with the Clinical Center Institution for Neuromuscular Illnesses of the A.O. Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona. The purpose of the Onlus is to improve the quality of life of the people with neuromuscular diseases and at the same time to slow down the progress of the illness through more appropriate treatments and thanks to the improvement of the research and the training of the doctors and nurses.

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